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Fishing Bait Molds

fishing bait molds

What to Do When You Need Fishing Bait Molds

During your fishing activity, you may some difficulties in looking for a fantastic bait. You may see the dried vacuum packed eggs in some stores but you could only waste your money if you select these things for your bait. There are lots of options that you can find nowadays which can help you make sure that you will have an excellent fishing activity that you would like to experience on your vacation or during your leisure time.


You can now shop for lure bait molds which are now widely available since the introduction of the plastic worm in the market in 1951. Several years after, the plastic worm has actually expanded from its original straight-tail design to have the forked-tail, the paddle-tail and also the ribbon-tail designs and has been joined with plastic grubs and other soft plastic creations. Though the soft plastic lures or baits are available from the different known manufacturers, you can actually create your own plastic worm and grubs that will mimic the creation of the manufacturers.


In making your own fishing bait, the important thing that you must first do is that you have to look for the best place where you will be able to work. The area that you choose must have good ventilation where spills and burns don't actually matter. You must place the mold on a surface that is resistant to heat. You can use an old baking pan that works fantastically for this purpose. You need to arrange the molds in the pan when you would make many soft plastic baits in one time. You then need to spray the mold cavities using the cooking spray. With this, you can remove the soft plastic fishing creature easily from the mold after it cools down and turns solid.


Fill the microwave-safe measuring cup with just a half cup of plastic resin. When you would fill the cup with more than this, then you can have a difficulty of pouring the resin into the mold when it is heated. When you melt down the old soft plastic baits, you should put them in the cup instead of the resin. Make sure that you heat the plastic or resin in the microwave for three to five months. The resin turns thick and then thin when this transforms from milky white to clear. You must stop heating it when you see smoke. You should be adding a little amount of color and then stir the resin in just a gentle manner. You then have to reheat this for 30 seconds. Start pouring this into the mold. After you have created the fishing bait, then you can then set this aside and let this cool overnight. Check out this video on YouTube at